The Moving Picture Boys


In a quiet Cuban village, Leonel, an introspective boy, contemplates change as his older friend Antuán moves to the city. 

A docufiction feature co-directed with Pablo Briones and co-produced with C-Side Productions (Switzerland) and Playlab (Spain). Nominated for the Glashütte Original Documentary Award at the 2019 Berlin International Film Festival. Winner of the Audience Award at 2019 Málaga Film Festival and officially selected for CPH:Dox, Sheffield Film Festival, and as well as Vision du Réels’ 2018 docs-in-progress workshop.

"Baracoa is a film about friendship. It’s a delicate portrait of personalities that are battling between their own nature and the expectations of society and their peers. The desire to belong and to be recognised is so strong that it masks a certain sensitivity, one that the film magically succeeds in unearthing. A delicate and determined film, just like the protagonists’ personalities." Giorgia Del Don in Cineuropa

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