FEATURE Saint Cloud Hill - Documentary in Post-Production
In a hidden forested encampment downtown, a self-governed tent community unravels as the city moves in to reclaim the land.

 FEATURE  The Ballad of Shovels and Rope
The Ballad of Shovels and Rope captures the tours and detours of a husband and wife as they create and release the critically acclaimed album, O' Be Joyful. From working for tips to becoming "Emerging Artist of the Year," the two-man family band uses ingenuity and hard work to create something out of nothing. // WEBSITE

 FEATURE  Nashville 2012
Chris protesting at Legislative Plaze for Occupy Nashville
Occupy Nashville protestors
Almost originating as an afterthought, this feature doc was culled from the archives of Nashville Docujournal culminating into an award-winning "picture of a vibrant city in constant motion". // WEBSITE

 WEB SERIES  Nashville Docujournal
Drew Haskins defeated by Jocephus
Abriella giving Jocephus the mark
An innovative web series creating a particular kind of short-form documentary of which reports a current event in the present-tense observational style, adhering to strict production techniques to provide narrative storytelling through objective journalism. Visit Web Series